About Me

An Efficient Creative

My Programming pursuits sit at the front of my Professional endeavors, but I wouldn’t be where I am if not for my passion for Music, Writing, Animation and creativity in general.

Nick Landi

My name is Nick Landi. I am a young Web & Media Developer at the age of 25 currently living in Seaford, NY. I graduated from Mount Saint Mary College with a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration & Management.

While I find my knowledge of Business and Economics to be critical to my success, upon my graduation from Mount Saint Mary College there was a void still left to be filled. This void was my hunger for creativity. This is where Computer Programming and Content Development came in to play. With my knowledge and ambition of Business along with my passion and dedication to creativity, I have found this to be a perfect fit.

Currently, I professionally Design & Develop Websites and Graphics/Flyers for Businesses and Individuals. I am happy to work with whoever requires my skills, to learn more please contact me.

Along with my pursuits in Web/Media Development I am also a Philanthropist. I have raised over $10,000 dollars for the Invisible Children Foundation, as well as $15,000 for Sloan Kettering. I find great importance in giving back to the community and will continue to hold that value close my whole professional career.



My Skills

Over the years I have learned several skills. You will find examples of them in my portfolio. 

What my collaborators say

Nick Landi is an absolute pleasure to work with. Astute, concise, and detail-oriented. A good man to his core.

Josh Chapdeline
Fundraising Partner

He is a visionary that turns his ideas into hard work and always sees it through to the end

Kevin Correa
Creative Collaborator

A diligent and ambitious force, who is quick to learn and never makes the same mistake twice.

Jesse Robinson
General Software Engineer

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