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I am a professional Web/Media Developer & Designer. I currently live in Seaford, NY and am always looking for new work and opportunity. 


Websites & Media

I began Programming about a year after college. While I am very proud and confident in my skills in Business & Marketing, Programming is where my passion lies. Since then I have developed various websites for all kinds of businesses ranging from the Financial industry to Home Improvement. Visit my Portfolio to learn more!

“A Web & Media Developer Equipped With The Proper Skills & Experience To Prove To Be  A Valuable Asset To Anyone.”

All Of My

Skills & Qualifications

After graduating from Mount Saint Mary College with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration and Management , I shortly discovered my love for Computer Programming, specifically Web Development. I also began producing Graphic Design to assist my endeavors.  As time goes on I look forward to developing even more skills and becoming a more productive Developer/Programmer.

  • Bachelor's in Business Administration & Management
  • Professional Experience As A Web & Media Developer
  • Photo & Video Production
  • Google Analytics
  • Web Developer Equipped With Various Languages
  • Graphic Designer Using Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Professional Social Media Marketer & Developer
  • HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, SQL
  • Social Media Marketing & Development
  • WordPress & Magento
  • SEO
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Adobe Acrobat
  • Adobe Dreamweaver
  • Adobe Flash
  • Final Cut PRO
  • 7 Years Experience in Hosting & Planning Philanthropic Events
  • Efficient in Playing Guitar, Bass, Keyboard, Drums, Vocals
  • Experience Tracking Instrumentals and Vocals in - Reaper, Audacity, Pro-tools, Garageband 

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